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“Ya can’t go broke taking profits” is false 🤨

Say you’re a forex scalper and your risk reward is 1:1. In this example, say if price hits your stop loss you lose $20. And if price hits your take profit you win $20.
Say this is a random sample of trading data from a random week.
Trade 1: price stops you out (-$20) Trade 2: price stops you out (-$20) Trade 3: you close your position early in profit (+$6) Trade 4: you close your position early in profit (+$6) Trade 5: you close your position early in profit (+$4)
Your total profit for the week would be: -$24.
For trades 3-5 I closed positions early. One may say “ya can’t fo broke taking profits”. Well if this was duplicated over the long term; these results WOULD make you go broke.
My question for the veteran and consistent traders is this: If your target is 1:1 , but price starts to show signs of a reversal, but it could ALSO just be a small pullback, will you close the trade early? And if you cut your winners early (say when price gets halfway to the target) does that mean you MUST cur your losers early as well?
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Cointrexer supported exchanges | Google Script | Sheets

Below is a list of supported exchanges - API APIs private authenticated request from Google Apps Script (GAS) and/or Google Sheets. Some of these are open source and published on our GitHub page.
more on :

Bibox BBX
Binance BIN Spot, Margin and/or Future balances (us and com)
Binance Jersey BIJ
Bit2C B2C
Bitfinex BFX
bitFlyer FLY
BitForex FOR
BitMart MRT
Bitpanda PAN
Bitpanda Global Exchange PGE
Bitsane BSN
Bitstamp BTS
Bittrex BTX
Bybit BYB
CoinAll ALL
Coinbase CNB
Coinbase Pro / GDAX GDX
Cryptopia CPA CUR video
Deribit DRB
Gemini GEM
Gopax PAX
Huobi HUO
Indodax IND
Kraken KRK
Kucoin KUC
Liquid LIQ
Luno (formerly BitX) LUN
Poloniex POL

error private sha256 sha512 rsa signature howto code sample script example
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wordsman isinglass appliance

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If you are in the US, now is a pretty good time to purchase some European made shoes.

Hey guys, long time GYW fan here. At little background: I trade mostly options on ETF's and Individual stocks. I was looking at some Forex Options then realized just how strong the dollar has become against the Euro. Right now it is 1.09 Eur to the Dollar, after dropping 1.58% so far today.
Anyway If you have been on the fence about buying any GYW's from across the pond, now is not a bad time
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Toronto Daily - Nov 16th 2018

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
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New to Toronto, looking to get into the Persian community. Suggestions? orangejuice9090 0
Eyebrow threading in Toronto? matthews-gurl 0
Where to get eyebrows microbladed in Toronto? goldenappletrees 0
Petition for more inclusive rights for temporary migrants in Canada Petition_Migrants_CA 4
Barbershop / Hair place for Curly Men's Hair? LockTheUniverse 1
Does anyone else find the water in Toronto extremely drying to their skin? Torontowaterthrowawa 3
Need advice: unit under yoga room tried to kick me out from yoga room for exercising Laineyrose 23
When do outdoor rinks start making ice? OneEyedToad 0
TTC Ad Campaign - Worth it? Uilleam_Uallas 3
Learning to code on my own versus a bootcamp...which is better for employability? designerkitty 0
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Has anyone ever been to the Yorkdale Cheesecake factory recently? 30fr3end98 5
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Does Ontario's new rent control laws apply to newly built building or all new leases? forexInsight 10
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Any tips or recommendations to moving to Toronto? juaniova 4
Authentic ManU soccer jerseys? du_stew 1
Where to purchase Rolser shopping trolley shuhronno 6


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Chiropractor kingstar11 1


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[1st Dec Brainfreeze Jump in freezing Lake Ontario - fundraising event for Toronto youth mental health charity
The Deadstock Depot — Vintage Streetwear Flea Market IllGottenGainsAdmin 0
STANDUP COMEDY 9:30pm @ MÂY (876 Dundas W) le_marsh 0
[Dinner Menu Launch - Exec Chef Stuart Cameron bringing a new dinner menu to Old School Join us tonight!]( yngphnx
Etobicoke Toastmasters - TONIGHT (Nov 15th) - 6:30pm - 8:45pm - FREE - Master your public speaking skills Byeka 0


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[SELLING] Google Pixel Stand (Wireless Charging Dock) $90 bogdans_eyebrow 0
[FREE] Large IKEA Corner Computer Desk APrettyOkayGuy 0
Selling Dental Hygiene textbooks in excellent condition. Paid $2500, selling for $800. Includes all txts needed for any current DH program (except the Darby). Msg got more details unikorny 0


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Switched North Face jacket possibly jayceee81 0
Lost my black leather wallet today in the bloor and royal york area. It contained my td card, student I'd, presto and health card. If found please contact me at 647-687-7475. Thank you in advance. Slav_boi21 0
HP Zbook in grey laptop sleeve phashun 0
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The sanctions paradox, With Russia's energy exports denominated in USD and their state budget in RUB help me understand how sanctions are really going to have any effect on their government reddit.

I do a bit of forex trading in my spare time as a hobby and after trying to figure out have we hit the bottom on the rouble yet I was left thinking things can't really get to bad for the Russian state budget and it's really only their citizens that are going to be left feeling the pinch, Just hear me out and fell free to correct my thesis.
So anyway Russia typically prices it's oil and gas contracts in USD thanks to the current "petrodollar" standard in energy contracts. The vast majority of their income comes through energy exports and they get paid in USD.
They can now get 46 roubles for every dollar of oil sold compared to this time last year as a result of the 36% year on year decline in the value of RUB vs USD which means their many of their obligations and public sector wages also declined 36%.
In other words this is going to screw ordinary Russian worker but the declining rouble is going to have little to no effect on the Russian government's ability to balance the books and ironically makes it easier for them to pay pensions/benefits/public sector wages
Now the one thing that is going to hurt them in the short term is the decline in oil prices since 40% of their exports are crude oil but Russia has been running a huge trade surplus in recent years and even with sanctions and lower oil prices this continues to be the case presently.
Oct 10, 2014
Russia’s trade surplus widened in August as President Vladimir Putin banned food imports from the U.S. and some of its allies.
The surplus was $15.8 billion, up 12 percent from a year earlier, the central bank in Moscow said today on its website. The median estimate of 15 economists surveyed by Bloomberg was $16.1 billion. Imports decreased 12 percent to $25.1 billion and exports fell 3.7 percent to $40.9 billion.
Thing is when it comes to a trade war cash is king and Russia seems to have no problem covering it's obligations as regards imports. Compare that to Ukraine on the other hand who's declining currency and increasing trade defect mean it needs foreign aid just to pay for the day to day goods it's importing.
In short I cant find any credible economic threat that the west poses to Russia that doesn't come back to bite them in the ass themselves, lower oil prices are going to have a blowback effect on Us shale and Canadian tar sands production of which many require $80 a barrel prices just to be profitable.
Anyway I hope you appreciate my analysis, I did this mainly for myself as I opened a short position on the rouble back in March when the central bank was still intervening to support the price but now that it's stopped and the rouble has been allowed to float I'm pretty much going to close my position unless there is something I'm seriously overlooking here.
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Free Udemy Courses

1-How to Add Facebook Login to Your App- SpriteKit, Swift, iOS The BEST and ONLY Course That Shows You How To Instantly Make Your App Social With The Power Of Facebook Login 2-Ultimate Wordpress Security Mastery Learn How To Secure Your Wordpress Website Form Hackers & Grow Your Business. 3-Responsive HTML and CSS website from Scratch in under 1 hour Explore using HTML and CSS to create custom websites. Web Design and web development from scratch source code included 4-Setup AMPPS localhost for web development Learn how to setup and run an AMPPS local server. Develop, trouble shoot and test PHP and database applications locally 5-The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced! Learn Python with projects covering game & web development, web scraping, MongoDB, Django, PyQt, and data visualization! 6-Effective Ways To Do Forex Trading + FREE Software Forex Trading Step By Step System
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Curs Forex - Lectia 6 - YouTube Cursuri Forex - YouTube Curs Forex Start Video 6 - Platforma de tranzactionare ... CURS FOREX START - VIDEO 7: ANALIZA TEHNICA FOREX

Apprendre le Forex. Cours et vidéos éducatives pour débuter au Forex, tutoriaux et démonstrations Forex, analyses journalières et articles économiques Curso de Forex básico ⭐️GRATIS⭐️ con estrategia acción del precio, price action y figuras chartistas Trading con indicadores, fibonacci y divergencias. Curso de Trading y Forex Paso a Paso desde Cero 100% Gratis. Saiba tudo o que precisa para começar a negociar no mercado Forex hoje! Neste curso, mostrarei como você pode aproveitar os movimentos dos preços para obter lucros. Vamos falar em detalhes sobre Moedas, Gráficos, Gestão de Risco, Trading Plan, Estratégias Vencedoras e muito mais. Vou explicar detalhadamente como funcionam as corretoras de Forex, para que você possa separar facilmente as ... Cursuri Forex iti ofera educatie PRO in 3 pasi: parcurgi cursuri Forex Practice, participi la Webinarul Saptamanal, discuti zilnic in Comnunitatea Privata. Forex 101 - Curs de Tranzacționare Forex pentru începători Ce este Forex Trading? Cum efectuezi prima ta tranzactie Forex? Cum poti reusi pe Forex? Acest curs în trei pași te-ar putea ajuta să înveți tot ceea ce trebuie să știi pentru a începe tranzacționarea Forex! SĂ ÎNCEPEM! AFLĂ MAI MULTE. 9 lecţii online. Cursul complet este disponibil online în 18 limbi.Vei avea acces la ... CURS FOREX COMPLETE Cursul Forex Complete este compus din Cursul Forex One + Cursul Forex Two + Cursul Forex Three . Impreuna formeaza un complex curs online de tranzactionare Forex, dedicat oamenilor ocupati care isi doresc un drum clar spre tranzactionarea cu succes, fara sa piarda timp pretios. La acest pachet platatesti doar cursul Forex One si Forex Three si primesti cursul Forex Two ... Consultez les cours en temps réel des paires de devises, matières 1eres, indices & cryptomonnaies. Repérez rapidement l'évolution du cours des actifs choisis. Forex 101 - The Forex and CFD Trading Course Step up your trading game with our free online Forex and CFD trading course. We hope that this 3 step programme will help you learn everything you need to know to begin trading Forex and CFDs. Don`t just take our word for it, see for yourself! La formación en el mercado Forex es de vital importancia para cualquier trader principiante. Este curso de Forex, totalmente gratuito, ofrecido por está diseñado y pensado para ayudarte a adquirir las habilidades y los conocimientos necesarios para que puedas empezar a invertir con éxito en el mercado de divisas.. Nuestro objetivo es que aprendas qué es y cómo funciona el ...

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Curs Forex - Lectia 6 - YouTube

🥳 A sosit timpul sa faci cunostinta cu platforma de tranzactionare Meta Trader 4. 📈📉 De acum, vei invatat practic cum sa tranzactionezi. 🏆 Meta Trader 4 este... Analiza Tehnică Analiza tehnica este coloana vertebrala a oricarei tranzactii. Aceasta iti indica atunci cand exista o oportunitate de tranzactionare. Mai mult, in functie de analiza tehhnica vei stabili exact ... El Mejor Curso de Forex Trading Profesional Parte #1 HD - Duration: 2:44:32. ... Invata engleza in 10 ZILE Curs complet pentru incepatori LECTIA 3 - Duration: 11:44. Invata Engleza Recommended ... Sunt un trader profesionist de peste 7 ani si acum ii invat pe oameni sa imi reproduca succesul pe pietele financiare. Daca vreti sa deveniti trader intai tr...